Monday, May 3, 2010

Questions and answers

Question: WHere is the conference that I am writing about?

Answer: Germany

Question: Do I wish to struggle with German this morning before coffee, or do I wish to use the Google translate button?

Answer: Duh.

Question: So how would one get to this conference?


Arriving by car:

Type in your navigation system following address:

Oil resistant lock on the white way

A manor

D-38 271 Baddeckenstedt

Thank you, that clears it up nicely.

(Anyone going to the 2b Ahead Conference in Baddeckenstedt, head here: Schloss Oelber am wei├čen Wege

Rittergut 1)

The journey time is 30 minutes from Hanover, of Brunswick, 20 minutes.


  1. Good to get Q out of the way. Now on to R!!!

    I wonder what letter you will be on when I get there??

  2. I will be on the letter Wheeee!