Wednesday, May 26, 2010

V is for Giving Up

Haven't written for a while on this thing because I have been daunted by "V." Am officially giving up on alphabet thingy now. Since last we met, I have been on a gondola in an alpine windstorm, have been freaked out by vagina dentata face in a puppet show, have been freaked out by an inappropriate server name created by an anonymous neighbor (and have contemplated asking the police to come and raid all the bungalows on my block because there's a freak out there somewhere), have chased the coonhound out of a duckpond, have seen a moose, purchased Star Wars comic books for boys who cannot yet read, had an unpleasant conversation with a man we shall refer to as "Smelliot" (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), experienced the heartbreak of chin hair, wept unwillingly over "Lost," and bleached my gramma's teacups. Life's rich pageant.


  1. But W is for Whee! And THAT one will write itself. Then there are just three more. Give up on V...let it slip through the cracks...but pick up the W because it is for Wonder Woman!

    (p.s. Your boy can read!)

  2. Too easy, V is for Vendetta (which it sounds like you're in the mood for)

    and also an excellent indie Australian 80's (holy moly) song, viz...

    you absolutely must not give up now.