Monday, October 19, 2009

Fairyland Update

I have just learned a few things about the whole tooth fairy situation:

1. There is a boss tooth fairy, a girl. She is also known as the "ringleader."
2. The ringleader has an army of male drone fairies who do all the work of delivering coins because, like all boys, they love money. Marvin is one of them.
3. The ringleader has enslaved the male fairies.
4. The ringleader is watching to see how you spend your tooth money. If you buy unwisely, look out: you may be doomed to join her sad, sad army.
5. You could likely trick the ringleader by saying loudly "here you go, CHILDREN's HOSPITAL," as you are handing your money to the cashier at Toys R Us.
6. Although a ringleader and a fairy imperialist, the ringleader has a small brain.


You heard it here.

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