Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This just makes me tired all over

Look, I KNOW IT'S ART, and frankly, if Chinese people have the time to make art what with all the being oppressed and denied their basic human rights half the time, then that's all great with me. But these images still make me want to lock the bathroom door and hide in the bathtub with a bottle of warm gin and the latest copy of "Psychotic Today":

You just know that this got started in some poor woman's backyard, where it was sold as "innocent boyish fun."


  1. My skin is crawling and I'm running for the bleach. But gin is a good disinfectant too. Internal cleansing.

  2. OMG! LOL. I didn't realize it was a fountain until I read the "labels" for this post. I think today is a very interesting day for me since in addition to this, I was also alerted to this website: So you see, I was not particularly grossed out by this fountain...