Friday, October 16, 2009

OCD Follies

Today I caught myself chanting "geriatric troll in a white Civic" over and over and over (and over--you know the drill). I also expressed some concern to my very patient husband over the fact that the phrase "iambic pentameter" is neither. Iambic pentameter HA HA HA would get us up to 10 syllables but the iambs...are not.

Just in case anyone was wondering why I didn't write, you know, a major novel this afternoon. It's because I was extremely busy.




  1. I was counting Wild Things at the movie. Bob and Terry threw everything off for me. Were they wild? And even if they were did they count as part of the family? And be prepared, the snowballs will not be uniform in size.

    Don't read the rest if you haven't already had a drink. Once, my cousin and I took her three kids, my three kids, plus 4 of her nieces/nephews to see Nanny McPhee. I can't tell you what the movie was about. I was like a Border Collie Bitch counting our 10 plus the brood onscreen. CONSTANTLY. I never got the same number twice because no one sat still and the kids in the movie were coming and going, and sometimes I felt it appropriate to include Evangeline in the kid count but other times not. I didn't let anyone get a drink because a bathroom trip would have broken me.

    It still makes my heart race a little.

  2. I love this story. I think we should compile a book of hilarity about OCD. Because let's face it, while it can be so wearying, it's also pretty funny. Like the fact that I can only look at certain constellations because certain others don't have an even number of stars in them. THAT'S CUCARACHKA.

  3. After I drop my girls off at day care most mornings, I tic in the car, all the way to work. All the words I can think of that end in -ank. "Bank, Dank, Hank, SKANK! Tank, Wank..."

  4. you do it in alphabetical order? I will find a sound and add one letter to the beginning. Then I might even move up to two. That is where it gets complicated because I like to find all possible permutations.