Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lying about Clocks

All mothers spend a great deal of their day lying. Oh, cut the crap, you know you do. I lie all the time. I told Kid we got him out of a catalogue. He thinks that he has a personal Tooth Fairy called Marvin who leaves money only if he is given not only a tooth but also some Almond Roca. Toys R Us is open only one Sunday a month and not at all in June. If you don't wash your hands after being in the bathroom, "The Committee" knows and will squeal to Santa. So today I lied about daylight saving's time. I honestly didn't know that it happened last night. Imagine my surprise to discover that we had missed the glorious opportunity of driving for 1.5 hours in sub-sub-sub-zero temperatures on a windy and snowy highway to go skiing.

I'm inconsolate, I tell you.

Nothing to do now but pour a glurg or two of Kahlua in the old coffee and mourn my unfortunate inability to remember simple things like "Spring Forward."

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  1. If it helps I wrote you a little piece of Karmic Balance over at my blog today!