Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ever since Kid discovered that Batman and Spiderman could be found on bandaids, he's been faking/embellishing small injuries all over his body. He once claimed to have pink eye in both eyes and wanted to put a Batman bandaid over one eye--well, atually inside his eye--and Spiderman over the other. Then wouldn't it be cool? He got out a magnifying glass and pointed trimphantly to a small black speck on his palm. A sliver working its way to his heart. Clearly a case for a bandaid. Etc.

I'm the mom whose triage consists of three questions:
--Are you on fire?
--Is there a bone sticking out of the skin?
--Is blood gushing out of your head?

If not, you're fine.

So you can imagine that all this bandaid nonsense drives me kinda nuts. Add to that the highway-robbin', gramma-smackin', dog-violatin' (ewww, I'll stop now) PRICE of the superhero bandaids. Like $4 for 20.

So today I ordered these online from Scabs Bandages (

$4 for 20 grossed-out laffs is, after all, a pretty good deal.

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