Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What would you do?

Just returned home to find THIS stuck to the front door:

Never do WHAT to your parents? Where is Luke? What have you done with him, Kid? DO I DARE ENTER THIS PLACE?

All suggestions welcome.

It's cold out here.


  1. For starters, arm yourself. But I think you are pretty safe. It appears to be a warning to other spirited children to learn from his mistake. One can only assume that Luke took one for the team, Lief has learned, and you are safe to enter.

    (Has the boy explained this to you yet? Does it involve parent-eating tropical trees and a hula hoop?)

    Word verification: undedi
    Which, oddly enough, sort of describes the drawing and dire warning.

  2. The 11 year old thinks it is one of those toy grabbers you find in arcades and in Toy Story (with little green alien toys inside) and the four year old agrees.

    I don't know what tags are for but I like yours...cheers