Tuesday, August 31, 2010

See ya, summer

So many good things about today!
  • The angry fish are gone (turns out they weren't angry, they were just beautiful and very, very vain)
  • I was actually productive today (I wrote AND shopped)
  • I may or may not have purchased a ravishing purple dress 
  • Okay, I did actually purchase a ravishing purple dress
  • Cooling weather means I don't have to worry about wearing shorts any more
  • Ditto bike ride for undue lengths of time
  • Ditto climbing up big mountains
  • A babysitter (free!) was here all day long 
  • My car once again works, after having been drained of its vital juices by a Nintendo DSi left charging in it all night some two weeks ago by someone who shall remain Luke
  • Dog smells not too bad 
  • Nice manicure (Opi Glitzerland)
  • Banking scare turned out to be a clerical error 
The best thing of all, though:

(doing a little dance)

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