Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun is expensive

In pursuit of fun, I was persuaded to go to Heritage Park with sister and three kids, including mine. Whee! This is more like it, I t congratulated myself. This Fun Project is going to be super simple. I am so great.

As it turns out, historical fun is PRICE-Y. Admission, rides bracelet, lemonade slushies, bags of (historically inaccurate) candy, lunch (crab cakes are somehow connected to Calgary's rich past?). . . .

RCMP outfits.

I got out of there nearly $200 later. I think I could pretty easily have $200 of fun that did not involve watching a draft horse pee for 36 seconds (timed it--we were waiting for the kids to get back from their fifth ride on The Caterpillar). Fun that, for example, included gin or shoes (these Helle Comfort Winonas, for example, would make me very happy, for only an additional $9USD):
It would also be fun to get rid of those vertical lines up there, but not that much fun.

Anyone need some copywriting done? Will work for shoes--as long as I don't have to wear them anywhere "fun."


  1. Haven't been to Heritage Park for a few years. We go to Calaway, because I like to go on rides. I've trained my kids not to ask for anything that costs money (food, whack-a-mole, etc) so it's affordable if I don't lose my season passes (yes, that happened two years ago).

    But I really want those shoes. I'm a size 10. Can we each buy one? :)

  2. We can each buy one if you cut off your toes to match my size 8, if I get some prosthetic toes, or if we distract the salesperson enough with our good looks or bad jokes that s/he doesn't notice we've bought a mismatched pair.

    I think any of these solutions could work.