Thursday, April 8, 2010

April in Calgary

Thunder. Lightning. SNOW.
I once lived in Los Angeles. In San Francisco. In Paris. On the Rhine. And yet I chose to come back here for some reason clearly having to do with a congenital brain defect.

Oh great. There go the lights.



  1. Quick! Consume the ice before it all melts into a giant hunk in the freezer. Submerging it in booze should keep it from sticking!!

    Word Ver: chingnat (To take a great idea all the way to the bank. "What? You invented a piece of square, yellow paper with restickable tape already on it? I guarantee you can chingnat!")

  2. Sounds like we've had parallel lives: I chose to live in Calgary after living in Ontario, Bahrain, and Thailand. The snow is giving me expat-itis.

  3. I would live in Canada but I fear cold weather. That's why I live in