Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I just ate the last holiday chocolate for breakfast. My German tigger friend has gone back to Europe. Husband at work. Kid at babysitter. Coonhound snoring in the living room. Work emails trickling in.

Time to look back.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the things that happened this Christmas:

All hope of gaudy baubles died the day we had to install this:

And this (sigh):

Somehow, the fact that they are Santa red just frosts me even more. Hello: RUBIES ARE ALSO SANTA RED.

Moving on.

Yesterday when we were toboganning, Kid sat at the bottom of the hill and shrieked at me to come and get him and drag him back to the top. Apparently, his hands were "exhausted." I refused and after 5 minutes of yelling and wailing he trudged resolutely back to where I was waiting. Then spat out this, jabbing his little mittened finger in my chest:

"Next time, I will expect to see less laziness and more kindness."

We had to have a talk about that.

Went on a long cold walk in the woods and saw a deer, a coyote, and a voodoo mask on a tree:

Went skiing and banged my head on the lift while hamming it up for Tigger:

I used that as my excuse when I took out the Spanish first-timer, sending him cartwheeling down the mountain. He made sounds like this: "ell heeyo de poota," which my German friend said translates roughly as "oooh, you bad person."

Put together the following Lego: Hogwart's Express, 3-in-1 scorpion/tarantula/weird bug thing, and the PowerMiners Rock King (or something like that):

His teeth are green.

My nose is red, but you already knew that.

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  1. Gaudy bubbles are no substitute for gaudy baubles.