Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How long?

Mommy, how long will you live?

I wish I could give Kid the comfort of religion, as my parents gave it to me. Clouds and angels and harps and everybody reunited, looking their best, with great hair and the clothes best suited to their own unique but now perfected body type. And rootbeer floats for breakfast. And singing Christmas carols whenever you felt like it, because it would always be this glorious combination of Christmas and Valentine's day and your birthday. I always imagined small yellow rabbits and turquoise chicks--possibly because of the Easter displays at Chinook shopping mall when I was about 6--sleeping under mushrooms. No idea.

When asked The Big Question this evening, I simply replied that I would do my best to live to be 120. And then, just to take wholly selfish advantage of the situation, I added that certain scientists believe that sleeping in is the best possible way to stay healthy. So perhaps mommy might be granted a few extra minutes tomorrow morning, hmmmmm?

Fingers crossed. How long?

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