Saturday, April 14, 2012

All figured out

I don't know what just happened.

All I know is that, one moment I was having a quiet cup of tea in my study, diligently writing away whilst reading sporadically from a text book on ancient greek constructions of masculinity, happy in the knowledge that Kid was in the hands of another capable parent (okay, so A capable parent), and the next,  the doorbell rang, there was a tumult and a howling hound dog and balloons and pumpkin seeds that I'm supposed to plant and photograph so Kid can be in a contest in OCTOBER?  and I had agreed to a sleepover involving more than one on-bad-acid-jumping-up-and-down, chocolate-besmirched, sweaty little boy, here in my basement.

All I know is that I heard Kid One say to Kid Two: "Hey, she's nice." To which Kid replied: "Yeah, I've got her all figured out."

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