Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My life would certainly change...

...if I had more clothes like this:

Please give generously.


  1. That is a fab coat. Of course, I'd be happy with the waist and the legs.

  2. I remember back when I had a waist. . . . I think I was 4.

  3. So true. I just got a Boden catalogue. Okay, I am kind of in love with all of it, but everything is $188. I can't pay $188 for... a shirt.

    I like you already. You can thank Ironic Mom - and EduClaytion who sent me to her (but I already knew her). But she sent me to you. ;-)

    Come visit me at Lessons From Teachers and Twits. I'm usually the chief twit in residence.

  4. Ack! And I see I've been signing in under Google, but that it takes me to my old blog. Come find me at Lessons From Teachers and Twits.


  5. But would you wear the hood up or down?

  6. I think I just did what rasjacobson did with signing in... I bet if I had this dress, I would never do anything wrong and if I did, I would wear the hood up...