Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The mouth department

Periodically, in the midst of writing lies about software, sweeping foxhound hair out of every freaking nook in the voodoo bungalow, bandaging bleeding Lego-wounded toes, or chanting "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" some 300 times--I take a break from all the glamour and indulge in the Etsy Taste Test. You cannot find better free entertainment, people.

Today I got a poem AND an "embroidered patch long shirt":

That withering loneliness
Under the clear sky, it is turbulent Undercurrent
Lonely, pale,there has a litter smile In the mouth Department,
Evening, winding, or it may be some Indulge.
New style of clothing on autumn

If anyone gets an Etsy Taste of a litter smile better than this in the mouth department, I hope you'll let me know all about it. 
And there, yet again, is a sentence that has never before been written in the history of sentences. 
You're welcome. 

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