Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

In response to Ironic Mom's post on makeup at 40 (and beyond. . . .)

I’m 47. This year, I decided that I am now old enough to do what I want, and have begun wearing glittery eyeshadow from Lit (a nice Calgary company). It’s bright and sparkly and sparkly (did I mention sparkly?) and comes in colors like “Farrah.” Its little glowy particles nestle in my eye bags, in my crows’ feet, and sometimes in those puppet-mouth thingies that happen around this time of life. It’s difficult to wash off. It draws attention to my droopy eyelids. It makes me look a bit like Bea Arthur. It is in fact the radical opposite of concealer. And it’s a hoot–it adds a little spring to my step, a little pizzazz to my frumpitudinous work-at-home life, and at the very least it’s a conversation piece. My mom thinks I’m insane, my sisters think I’m having a crisis, and I’ve heard the word “brave’ whispered more than once. But here’s the thing: I was never confident enough as a young woman to wear such warpaint. Now I am. And I shall wear glitter eyeshadow to the library and the foundation garment department of Sears because, as it turns out, that’s the way the nearly 50-year-old me rolls. Waddles. Whatever.


  1. In 6 months, I'm going to buy glitter eye shadow in honour of you!

  2. Loved this comment over at Ironic Mom, and love it again here.

    I also love when people whisper certain words, like they just can't muster the strength. Kind of like how my mom always whispers the word "prostate".

    p.s. there is nothing wrong with Bea Arthur. She was the cool smart one.