Friday, September 25, 2009

What did this man do?

You go to J school planning on changing the world, meeting the famous, talking truth to power or whatever that saying is. And you wind up reporting on a statue of an elephant in a less-than-utterly-thrilling Canadian city on the bald prairie. And you've just got to be wondering to yourself: is this because of that time I didn't make my bed when my mom asked me to about 11 times and then finally had to yell at me in that tone of voice that makes her depressed and reach for a third cup of coffee?

Is this what happened to you? Because you're making a really good example for bad boys everywhere.


  1. Whether it is or it isn't, you tell the boy it is.

    My kids think mopping the floor at McDonald's for eternity is the punishment for slacking at school. Living a sad life, depressed and alone is the punishment for being mean to your siblings or not treating friends nicely. If you lie to your mother? When you get home to your fish after a hard day mopping (cats or dogs would eat you in your sleep if you smell like burger), there will be no daily postcard from her private island.

    (We don't believe in an afterlife. Had to make our own little hell right here.)

  2. I am dying to know: what is the controversy?

  3. The Christians got all bunchy because it's a statue of Ganesh. I have had it with those people.

  4. The ones who get bunchy cannot come to the island. Get them a mop.