Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Annals of Exceptional Parenting, Part CVMXIVLVII

Kid and I picnic at his schoolyard at lunchtime. When I tell people this, they always go "Awwww. He must love that. How lovely for the both of you." And I can see in their eyes a new appreciation of the reassuring depths of my parental stability, far-sightedness and capacity for fun.

When in reality it's because there are no clean plates at home and if we're going to eat on the floor anyhow, might as well be outside.


  1. I have a friend who brings a mini camp stove, pan, tortillas and cheese to her son's school some days and they make quesadillas in the park for lunch.

    Another woman, from preschool, used to get up at 6 am to start the grill because her monster, I mean son, used to hit her and demand bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast. When she looked at the group of stunned mommies staring at her as she told the story she asked, "He WANTS a bacon cheeseburger what else can I do?" (Crickets chirped in the silence...literally...we were at a nature center.) And I, being unable to keep my mouth shut, yelled at her: "You start by telling him no and finish with not letting your kid be the boss of you! You are teaching him to hit you to get what he wants!!!"

    Your darling picnics fall in the previous category. Dirty dishes or clean, it is a sweet thing to have picnics with your boy!

  2. I love your parenting style! And seriously, when you hit upon a genius move, you are totally entitled to take our admiration in stride! Accident or not. :-)