Monday, June 8, 2009

Organic marshmallows

Braved the rain and the SNOW (fer the love of GOD) on the weekend and hit the famers' market to pick up some fixings for a dinner with "the elderly"--Kid's way of referring to his grandparents. (Isn't that hilarious, btw?) The first fruits of early summer piled in shiny mounds. The fragrance of ripe strawberries. Carrots so beautiful that you'd want to wear them as a tiara. If you were weird. Moving right along. . . . Beets that you would want to neck with in the back seat of a car. Gorgeous, earthy, primal, good-for-you goodness.

After hearing us exclaim and sigh and gasp and instruct him on the various wonders of the vegetable kingdom for 45 minutes, Kid sized up the entire place and picked this for his treat:

Organic Froot Loops and fair-trade marshmallows, no doubt.

Took 5 hours to get Kid down from the ceiling, he was so wired. Not all bad: he managed to get some of the winter cobwebs out of the corners up there.

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