Saturday, January 5, 2013

Be it Resolved Maybe A Little?

This year's resolution: Vitality and Usefulness.

Not as glamorous as last year's Get Rich and Move to Antibes, nor as practical as the year before that's Match All the Socks. Not in the same universe as 2010's No More Drooling in Church. 2009 was the year in which I stated I would Always Floss. Some of these resolutions I kept, some I didn't. Fine, I didn't keep any of them. But this year will be different. This year: I am keeping score!

Yesterday I was both full of vitality (dog walk!) and useful (laundry! child-rearing! charitable giving! petition signing!). So I gave myself this score:

Vitality 3/5
Usefulness 4/5

I should probably have another go at that. I gave myself those scores this afternoon at 2.15. WHEN I GOT OUT OF BED.

Today's score:

Vitality: -3/5
Usefulness: 1/5 (I didn't use much electricity, thereby contributing positively to the earth's health)

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