Friday, March 18, 2011

A Music Memoir in 12 Questions: Crazy Pants!

Ironic Mom has all the best ideas. From now on I think I'm a just gonna steal all her prompts and have a shadow blog--a revenant ninja stealth site called "Moronic Mi."

Anyhoodle, here's my version of A Music Memoir in 12 Questions. Fun! 

Also: kinda depressing, when one notices that all the musical highpoints of one's life occurred about 35 years ago. I must have some golden Hammer pants around somewhere to cheer up this voodoo bungalow.

  1. First concert: The Police, XTC @ Max Bell Arena, 1980. Told mom I was going skating. She thought there were a heck of a lot of people in that parking lot for just some random free skate. Sorry Mom! Things I also regret about that evening: Darryl the Fish, and the "cigarette."
  2. First album: Eagles, Hotel California. Never gotten over the idea of pink champagne on ice. Which reminds me: It's lunch time!
  3. Favourite concert memory: Neil Finn @ Largo, LA
  4. Song you love to hate: Coward of the County by Kenny Rogers. Actually anything by Kenny Rogers except for this (BONUS: Crazy pants!)
  5. Song you hate to love: Can’t Touch This, MC Hammer. Lookit im go! I dare you to not just get right into it. (BONUS: Crazy pants!)
  6. Song you know all the words to: Mexican Radio, Wall of Voodoo (BONUS: Crazy face!)
  7. Song that makes you cry: Life is the Red Wagon, Jane Siberry
  8. Song that makes you move: Burning Down the House, Talking Heads
  9. Song you remember dancing to: junior high gym, Ballroom Blitz, The Sweet.  I’ve just watched this video three times, amazed, astounded, just plain gob-smacked at the garish glam wondrousness of it all. The world seemed so fabulous when I was 14. Plus, I think I just found out where Eddie Izzard got some of his wardrobe ideas.
  10. Favourite cover of a song: Cry Baby/Piece of My Heart, Joss Stone, Melissa Etheridge
  11. Karaoke song: Would never, but: Take Me Home, Country Road
  12. Last concert: Crowded House


  1. You know what? Moronic Mom was a contender in my list of blog names. Can I come over for pink champagne on ice? Or, if you want, feel free to hold the pink and the ice.

    Ballroom Blitz: I too danced to this song, too many times.

    And now I have "Don't Dream It's Over" stuck in my head.

    Happy weekend, whether or not it involves champagne.

  2. It was a toss-up between Ballroom Blitz and China Grove. I went with the fancy boys.

    The pink champagne is on ice as we speak. . .

    Happy weekend to you too!